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First Friday Escapades

It's First Friday (June) and I realized I missed an exhibit opening at Maude Kerns Art Center.

The artist featured is James E. Ulrich. I did a little research on this fascinating artist and found he was married to Kathleen Caprario another superbly accomplished artist and University Professor.

To truly know Ulrich you should visit Kathleen's beautiful write-up about James at her web site .

I'll borrow a bit from her page in quotes.

"James was an extraordinary artist, intellect and visionary thinker. The works presented reflect part of an oeuvre that includes oil paintings, pastels, graphite drawings, watercolors and mixed media. In addition to his visual artworks, James also wrote screenplays, essays and short story fiction."

There are many reasons to appreciate art but, I believe, the most important is that great art causes us to face the reality of being human.

Personally, in my photography, I will always gravitate to flowers. In close up photographs I see things I had always missed in a glimpse. That is what initiates my love for photography. As I grow the more I love art and the artists that share their vision of life.

The view is not always simple and clean bright colors in smooth designs...

... but at times art can be powerful, dark and jagged as in "Ship of Fools" the painting on the left.

James Ulrich could do anything, as I saw today, from this beautiful self-portrait ...

... to a candle glow in blue to a fireball. I am so glad I made it back to Eugene to experience his powerful work and I am thankful for the care Kathleen has taken to give us this glimpse of James on her web site.

I hope the next place we find James E Ulrich's works again is in one of this country's fine art museums so even more people can find a bit of their selves in his works.

I was ready for some solitude and fresh air after the powerful art at Maude Kerns Art Center. Well I got the fresh air but solitude was on a distant star. Everything was moving on Willamette Street from this "Tricicular Taxi" to the many cars cruising the town.

At the Karin Clarke Gallery, Craig Spilman and Robert Schlegel were the featured artists but...

... Karin's son Marcus had equal billing.

From the first time I saw Robert Schlegel's art I Loved his subjects, style and color.

Craig Spilman is a gifted artist whose graphite images (here) and paintings on the opposite side of the wall showed me power in seeming simplicity yet complex and perfected strokes. I didn't know then but I now know the woman far right is the Kathleen Caprario mentioned above. I found out from my son who knew her from Lane Community College.

I don't know these folks but I liked the idea of people sharing ideas on these art walks...

... and meeting friends and acquaintances. Here Renee Manford, Robert Schlegel and Victoria Biedron are talking about art until they noticed that pesky Paul was playing paparazzi.
Victoria and Renee are both part of the Plein Air Painters of Lane County.

I do love Robert's work and you can see more of his work at his Web log.

Across the street from Karin Clarke's Gallery is the old Smeed Hotel and the "White Lotus Gallery" and they were featuring the landscape works of Li Tie and wonderfully gifted Chinese Artist.

Li Tie was born during the Cultural Revolution in Beijing in 1964 and studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. The painting on the left was a personal favorite of both my wife, Sharyn, and myself.

These three panels are titled "Spring" and each panel is 67" by 16"

In 1987, Li moved to the United States. Since then, he earned an MFA from San Diego State University one of my three Alma Maters.

Li has taught and exhibited widely throughout the United States and this is his third show at White Lotus.

He currently resides in Portland, Oregon and this is one of the most striking shows I've ever seen.

I got back on the street for a few shots as I walked back to the car to get my cell phone I'd left there and in the meantime snapped away at people...

... places...

... things - what the heck is that?

I found out it is the dummy (literally) gorilla for Voodoo Doughnuts just down the street.

There was even a hook and ladder truck driving by on Willamette (a very narrow tree-lined street at this spot) as Ron and I sat and talked at a bench next to Karin Clarke gallery annex.

I took one last picture of the Hult Center before Ron and I met Renee and Vern for a chat at Zenon's.

Scrabble Score ~ Scrabble Queen 347 - The Contender 352

Quote of the Day ~ Without cracks we can never see the light ~ Paraphrased Laetitia Pilate

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