Sunday, May 16, 2010

Vivian's Birthday Celebration

It's a celebration in Texas for Sharyn's aunt Vivian and before we arrived Jill (California Jill) took some pictures of those already there. Here we see Monica (Hostess with the mostest along with Vern, Shirley and, of course, Vivian out to sample some good Texas BBQ.

About the same time Sharyn and I had the BBQ bug also and were in Midland and stopped a KD's BBQ Shack for the best Texas BBQ I've ever had.

When we arrived the next day to take Vivian to the Birthday lunch by Lucas we visited for a bit. Lucas had a nice conversation with Vern while we waited to leave.

We had the lunch at an Olive garden with a giant Armadillo in front - how cool is that?

When we arrived Mason, Jill (the Texas Jill) and Zeke, Monica went over for hugs and kisses especially from Zeke.

Bart was beaming to be back in Texas with his mom and smiled for the camera.

Jill (C) snapped a shot of Sharyn and I for posterity.

Shirley was in great form smiling and adding her energy to perk up the party.

Now let's all smile and not forget the beautiful voice in this group, sweet Meridith (second from the right behind Shirley and Jill (C), not to be confused with Jill (T) who is holding young Zeke.
We drove back to Vivian's home past the "Art in the Public" poster covering the Electric Utility Box (and other) in the area. This is a wonderful way to convert an eyesore into eye candy.

Across the street from Vivian's house a real Texan kind of happening was taking place. Third Grade football, in a stadium, with announcers, press and a photography company (me not included) was being played. The game was between the Plano Legends (in black) and the McKinney Texans (in white) and Plano was leading 18 to zip in the 3rd quarter. Go Legends!!

Back at Vivian's Jill (C) relaxed as we all told old family stories and memories...

... about family and all the reasons we care so much about each other. Monica smiled at the stories...
The following day Haley and Lindsey (I hope I spelled them right) sat back and smiled...

... Kate their mom had a great smile as well. We then went to a great breakfast...

... at the Rise and Dine...

I even got Brian and Haley to pose for a cute picture. Brian is a very fine artist whose paintings are great but who also has done some fabulous murals in the area. Check out his blog on The Empowered Artist

Our wonderful birthday girl really enjoyed seeing so much family in one place.

After the breakfast we sat outside for a bit and Kate and Brian relaxed as their girls ran and played.

On the way back home Monica, Jill (C) and her sister Sharyn (O) stopped at a nursery and I snapped away at the hydrangeas in orange...

... yellow...

... and pink.

Then there was a purple & blue something or other...

followed by a bright red whatchumacallit...

... and a bright orange whatitz.

We stopped at a grocery store and in the parking lot was a pretty pink and yellow tall thingie I really liked. Sharyn ran in and got two small pecan pies - one for Vivian and one for George who had to stay home Steer Sitting, George loves Texas Pecan Pies.

We stopped by Vivian's prior residence where she was greeted by two of the staff with a hug and a hurry back.

Before we left Monica's home I took a picture of the family heirloom toy horse trailer a sweet reminder to the family of when we were all young like Haley and Lindsey...

...and a reminder we all sacrifice a little of who we are for those we love, and sometime there is not sacrifice but the sheer joy of being with family.

Happy Birthday Vivian.

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Quote of the Day ~
"Other things may change us, but we start and end with family" ~ Anthony Brandt

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