Thursday, May 06, 2010

Cracker Barrel and Cacti in theSunset 2010 Blog 4

Sharyn loves our road trips and this is the great symbol of our long drives across the country => Cracker Barrel

"Now you might not have known it, but the early stores also offered gasoline. But when the oil embargo of the mid-seventies hit, new stores were built without filling stations. And today, they're out of the gasoline business altogether. So if you're pulling in to a Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, make sure it's just your stomach that's on empty."

"Between 1980 and 1990, eighty-four stores opened across the country. By the end of July 1996, there were 260 Cracker Barrels. And today, there are 594 stores in 41 states. All owned by a company that has no plans for franchising."

The Cracker Barrel we went to was the one in Yuma, AZ the farthest west we know of in the southern US. We do know there is one in Missoula, Montana (been there done that) more than once. The Yuma store had some really nice landscaping like this Hibiscus...

... and this yellow flower ...

... and this pink budding one but I really liked...

... the beaver tail cactus flower...

... so much I got ...

... several pictures. Purple always looks good with yellow.

Inside where you enter the restaurant from the gift shop is a great old Coca~Cola cooler...

and outside by the rocking chairs and some great old signs.

One last look at the beavertail cactus and a bloom now withering in the sun.

The drive was nice as we headed to Casa Grande and our next campsite. We enjoyed seeing the Saguaro Cactus (pronounced Swaroh) and looked for woodpecker holes in them and the Elf Owls that sometimes inhabit them for nesting.

" Elf owls are five and one-half inches long (about the size of a sparrow), and they are the smallest kind of owl in the world. Their wingspan is only about fifteen inches."

I like this shot because it reminds me very much of a painting of Serra Blanca in Texas by my father's niece.

We finally arrived at Palm Creek RV & Golf Resort it was a lovely place with plenty of palms.

The sky in Arizona desert country are always amazing at sunset...

It looks like a great place to stay for the winter especially in a long term site. The short term pull through sites are nice.

No Scrabble we spent the evening getting a tour of Sierra Vista with Matt - Yes we will have further adventures in the mill.

Quote of the Day ~
"He was charming, good looking, sophisticated, no sweatshirts." ~ Goldie Hawn (as Toni Simmons) in Cactus Flower


Anonymous said...

Happy for you and Sharon. Tonight is First Friday and will miss ya

Isaac Viel said...

Great shots, pop. The sunset looks beeeeutiful.


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