Monday, August 10, 2009

August Art Walk 2009

After all the Art Walks and looking for a good parking place, which I have all but one time, I found out last time I could park in the public parking garage above the Karin Clarke gallery free. I decided to lean over the rail for a shot of Willamette Street from above.

Eugene was celebrating Oregon Festival of American Music Jazz Academy Concert so I took this picture from the parking structure of some people waiting for the event to begin at the Hult Center.

The Hult Center is a major cultural center for our city.

It was sad looking down at the Opus6ix Gallery now closed but Kaz Oveissi and Sally Dietrich are working hard to find the right person to move forward with the property. I hope for Eugene's sake it remains a positive center for the arts it has been in the past.

Back down on Willamette I caught these folks biking through town a very frequent occurrence.

I always enjoy taking pictures of the bicycles all over town.

Across the street is the White Lotus Gallery...

housed in the old Smeed Hotel.

I went to the Karin Clarke Gallery Annex...

...and got another look at the work of Bets Cole like this one titled "Back Road Willamette Valley," acrylic on a panel

The Karin Clarke Gallery was extremely well attended. The current exhibit is titled "A Sense of Place" and the work of seven Oregon photographers was curated by Bob Keefer. The Artists are Robin Bachtler Cushman, Annie Frantzeskos, Dennis Galloway, Craig Hickman, Bob Keefer, Brian Lanker, and Frank Miller. The Exhibit runs from August 4th through August 29th

Walking over to the Jacobs gallery I met a guy who bummed a cigarette. Well he was wearing a Red Sox hat that looked a bit like the Red Sox team must feel after getting closed out in their last series with the Yankee scum. He did allow me to shoot his hat.

There was a large crowd gathered across from the Hult Center...

probably the casually (but well dressed Jazz crowd.

Into Jacobs I walked greeted by this great illuminated skull...

... and since the show there was a collection of Port Orford artists

there were the usual boats like this one of the craft "Impeach."

There were classic clay sculpture ...

... as well as some whimsy.

Walking back down Willamette...

... I came across this great molding on the old Hotel Smeed.

I did find a great model in the Karin Clarke annex gallery.

Farther down Willamette I walked into Fenario Gallery and into another crowd.

On the way out I took a picture of this glass and cannonball sculpture from both the side ...

... and from the front.

"Just because" the space was there someone made this sculpture and the ones on all the corners at Willamette and Broadway.

Brittany and Mike, two young people, pulled off this stunt at my request again "Just Because" I wanted a picture to round out my blog.

Thanks Brittany and Mike as well for the perfect cap on the art walk.

Scrabble Score ! The Contender wins by 69 points after a hard charge by Scrabble Queen.

Quote of the Day ~
"The cool thing about being famous is traveling. I have always wanted to travel across seas, like to Canada and stuff." ~ Britney Spears

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