Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gliding into the National Day of Service

We lost our parachuters but gained ...

... Gliders and, no, the contrail is not from the glider.

Saturday January 17 and Sharyn did an amazing thing. She organized an event for the National Day of Service. The event had two purposes. Food for the local Creswell Food Pantry and Warm socks and school supplies for Creslane Elementary school.

We brought the Musemobile and the Mini-Musemobile to serve as HQ for the event. Rays Food Place and Bi-Mart allowed volunteers to hand out flyers to customers at their entrances. We had great support from both stores and ...

... support from the Creswell Food Pantry and Creslane's Principal. We got the receptacles ready and set up on this very cold overcast day.

Sharyn made some last minute checks of her todo list and we were ready to start.

Our neighbor Sharon and our other friend Carol were the first to show up.

I made them pose for a shot before the work began.

Two great volunteers from Eugene then showed up with donations and giving our spirits a boost. Darlene and Myrna were both a delight to meet as were Jay and Marta who took turns doing the flyers at Bi-Mart while Sharon and Carol took over at Ray's Food Place with the help of Elizabeth a young lady I believe from the high school.

After dropping off their donations Myrna and Darleen took off across the parking lot to Bi-Mart and Sharon and Carol took off to Ray's.

The Musemobile was the place to warm up and share some smiles. Darleen and Myrna warmed up while Jay and Marta passed out the flyers.

Carol dropped back in to warm up just as Helen (Owner, Editor-in-Chief of the Creswell Chronicle) dropped in to get the event information for our local newspaper. Helen had earlier published a great article written by Carol in the paper to help publicize the event. Even our campaign buddy Ted dropped off some donations at the Musemobile HQ and stayed to say hi.

Sharyn and all the folks who took part in the event had a great time despite the cold (by the way as we closed up the sun did come out) and the results were great.

Five to Six hundred pounds of food and personal items were collected according to Patti from the Pantry. A a huge box full of Socks, Scarves, Gloves and School supplies from a small town of a little over four thousand people.

I for one am very proud of Sharyn, the volunteers and the citizens of Creswell, Oregon.

OH! We did have one other visitor it was a Red Tailed Hawk that watched over the entire effort and left just before we took off to drop off the donations.

Yes! I do have my artsy picture of the day. This one was taken in the Berkshires of Massachusetts some time in 2002. My how things from the past brighten the present.

No Scrabble Tonight.

Quote of the Day
"If you can't feed a hundred people, then just feed one." Mother Teresa quotes

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