Friday, December 05, 2008

First Friday Art Walk Dec 2008

I started the Art Walk at Maude Kerns Art Center and got a better picture of this colorful chair titled "Eye Candy" by Gayla Snow. I had received a comment on it in a previous blog but since the picture wasn't very good I took another.

It is a cool piece of art.

Another painting at Maude Kerns I missed before is titled "Thursday Morning at Maude Kerns" by Jean Denis.

Silvia Beres painted "Fredly" a very nice Opaque Watercolor.

Sorry I didn't get the Artist or title of this great Metallic Hand - Great piece.

I drove over to the main Art Walk area and the Karin Clarke Gallery where I found several new paintings by Adam Grosowsky this one it titled "Piano Lesson #2"

I didn't get the title of this Grosowsky work but it is becoming one of my favorite pieces.

Then what to my wandering eyes should appear but the artist himself and two tiny reindeer. No actually it's the artist himself Adam with his mom and Renee Manford the Karin Clark Gallery Annex moderator and artist.

Adam was explaining that his mother was the subject in this really nice piece.

Renee put three of his paintings together for a group photo along with one of Bets Cole's great nature pieces (upper right).

I'm impressed by Renee's hard work as an artist and it's paying off with recognition. The magazine in the lower right is the latest edition of Eugene Monthly Magazine where she is featured in a very nice article titled "One of a Kind." She definitely is one of a kind.

The main gallery was beautifully set and well attended (I was there early) and a great group collection that included new work by Christopher Bechler, Mark Clarke, Margaret Coe, Bets Cole, Joan Darling, Humberto Gonzalez, Adam Grosowsky, Miriam Kley, Erik Sandgren, Robert Schlegel, and Craig Spilman

Also: Jan Zach (1914-1986), and recently found works from his collection by Joy LaVille, LaVerne Krause (1924-1987), and Demetrios Jameson (1919-1996)

The current group show will be shown through December 24.

Erik Sandgren is one of my new favorites with this piece titled "Heading Out"

Erik is a wonderful artist and his "Lone Boatman:Elegant Calm" was captivating.

This painting titled "Fjord Fisherman" by Erik shows that he must be like my friend Jim (Fly Fisherman) and loves the serenity and power of the water and the art of fishing.

Bets Cole's "High Desert Vista" is a departure from the tree filled views of other paintings I've seen by her. I'm learning fast that excellent artists views are as diverse as the colors of a rainbow.

I've heard about Humberto Gonzales but this is my first look at his fine work.

Beautiful colors and the ability to take me to places I have never been and back to places I've been before.

I walked over to Opus Six next and , no this isn't a piece of art, it is a dying plant in front of the gallery.

You can't tell it from my pictures but Opus Six was a full house.

They had a diverse collection of art from this woman seated...

... to very colorful paintings.

These two brilliant works are by Jane Aukshunas and I really liked the rich colors and flow in both.

I met a wonderful artist named David Campbell a Scotsman whose paintings and sculpting are very nice. I got so involved in a great conversation about Scotland and heritage and books and history I missed getting a shot of his art. Sorry David - by the way that book is "Pillars of the Earth" by Ken Follett.

Rogene Manas created these great pieces that have a depth due to the technique used, very very nice. As an aside the blond with the apple is titled "Eve of Destruction."

I just liked the look of the composition of this picture I took .

It's 1:00 AM Wow I'm still blogging but this artist was hit of the evening. Jenny Gray does prints and even better knows how to create a space. I loved this set of five pieces and how they complement each other, a perfect example of synergy.

There is something special about simple design and architecture in these works.

That's Jenny on the left and one of the patrons known only as the mystery woman.

Mystery woman was enjoying Jenny's show and the Opus Six Wine.

The wine glass was a perfect subject...

... as were Jenny's works in the background...

I really enjoyed reading the warnings on this fireworks piece. "Caution - Emits Showers of Sparks - Use only under close adult supervision outdoors ..." followed by "Made in Hunan China"

Needless to say Jenny Gray has a keen sense of humor. Visit her web site at

Scrabble Score - Game call because of rain (Just kidding I was out late)

Quote of the Day~
"An audience is always warming but it must never be necessary to your work. "

~ Gertrude Stein (February 3, 1874 – July 27, 1946) was an American writer who spent most of her life in France, and who became a catalyst in the development of modern art and literature.


s said...

dear paul: a especially nice blog this time with some exceptional pieces; many of which i too really liked. congrats to renee, well done, and a very nice pic of he paul.

Parapluie said...

I enjoy seeing your blog with the many, many art works and some of the people on this art walk. I wish I could have stayed longer and visited these galleries. It was so good to see Joan Darling is showing at Karin Clare Gallery. She was doing an amazing painting last summer when I dropped by the costal painting group to give Erick my condolences last July. I truely enjoyi his "Fjord Fisherman" here.

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous colourful blog, and thank you for the chair photograph, I shall treasure it always!

Anonymous said...

if adam is there [meaning his art] it will always be a great surprising fabulous show bev


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