Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lumberjacks of the Northwest

Well, well, well something new at the Mill Casino - The Northwest Lumberjack Competition.

This was not a contestant but one of the staff rigging the top of a 100 foot high pole.

Of course, for safety reasons he had some help on the ground.

I was hoping this guy wasn't going to cut the pole down. I was right it was one of the contestants just walking in for the contest.

The radio station announcing the event was K-DOC 92.9 and this was their car (as if you can't tell)

They had lots of wood for chopping and sawing.

They also had a booth with some great chainsaw wood carvings.

This young man was the artist a verytalented, engaging and nice person

He told us about this carving made from a redwood block he was given after doing a stump removal for a customer.

The old salt on the block isn't a wood carving and he looked like an old time woodsman.

Talk about your souped-up chainsaws, this one looked very powerful.

Here is one of the contestants working on his chainsaw.

This cool plane flew over and after looking at the picture I realized it had a propeller both fore and aft.

Then a seaplane giving rides took off - maybe it's more of a puddle jumper than a seaplane.

The big boys then got hard to work with the contests like the standing chop.

It didn't take long for the log to lose it's head.

Next was the axr throwing contest.

This guy was a teacher and obvlously a good thrower he was tied for the lead after the first round.

I did manage to catch the axe in midair.

A steady stance and sure hands are key in this event.

Sticking the target was really the only thing that mattered.

A small Coast Guard craft came and watched part of the show from the bay...

...followed by a Coast Guard Helicopter.

The next contest was chopping from levered ramps, kinda like a high wire act.

These guys arn't chopping off their feet but this event does look rather dangerous. The fourth person down with curly hair is a 13 year old contestant determined to compete with the old guys.

Notice the guy from the axe throwing contest with the grey shirt has already turned and working on the other side of his log. He won this contest by a wide margin,

There were plenty of chips all around and the 13 year old kid was still chopping.

Here is the champ grinning from ear to ear.

Scrabble Score - not yet played I did this blog early and will post the score later.

Quote of the Day ~ “One winter it was so cold that all the geese flew backward and all the fish moved south and even the snow turned blue. Late at night, it got so frigid that all spoken words froze solid afore they could be heard. People had to wait until sunup to find out what folks were talking about the night before...” ~ From the Legend of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox

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