Thursday, January 24, 2008

Things that float or fly

We just didn't get out much today.

But I did try something new - taking a picture through the binoculars - and it kinda, sorta, almost worked. I took a picture of a buoy marker from 160 yards away and it kinda, sorta, almost worked. But it reminded that the I-Man has a telephoto lens I should have brought.

This was without the binoculars. The Coast Guard flew right over us.

Next came the King Louie I had in an earlier Coos Bay blog.

Next came the Sause Bros Tug pushing a barge.

Followed by this Coast Guard Boat with a visible crew of eight brave souls. All in all it was a good day that including lunch at the Mill Casino Plank Room followed by some slots. I went through my $11 in about 5 minutes while Scrabble Queen went 30 minutes on $2. I should have known what would happen in Scrabble tonight.

Scrabble Score - Scrabble Queen 312 ~ The Contender 304

Quote of the Day ~
On a painted sky
Where the clouds are hung
For the poet's eye
You may find him
If you may find him
On a distant shore
By the wings of dreams
Through an open door
You may know him
If you may"

~ Lyrics to the song "Be" by Neil Diamond for the Movie "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" today is his 67th Birthday ~ Happy Birthday Neil

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