Monday, December 03, 2007

The Klootchy Creek Giant - Broken in Two

On November 3, in this blog, we had visited the Worlds tallest Stika Spruce . Yesterday , a month later, it's been broken in two by the high winds along the Oregon Coast. Some accounts put the wind at 120 miles per hour on the Coast in Lincoln City and elsewhere.

We are still getting strong winds from the storm and plenty of rain. It's sad to see this 700 year old tree be humbled and maybe destroyed yet I am glad we got to see it at its magnificent best.

SEASIDE, Ore. -- The world's tallest Sitka spruce near Seaside survived 700 years of storms and a threat from chain saws, but snapped in half during Sunday’s powerful winds.

The 204-foot tree was badly damaged in 2006 during a powerful storm and officials had considered cutting it down.

“Its such a landmark. You drive by and you stop. You take a picture with your kids and you keep going. It’s a sad day. Kind of lost a piece of Oregon coast history,” said one local resident.

Some visitors stopped by the tree on Sunday to take pieces of it as keepsakes. The coast attraction drew about 100,000 visitors a year.

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Patrick Boomer said...

That is sad news.
We stopped to see the giant in June of 2006, glad we did, what a beautiful thing it was.


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