Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Playing With Pictures

I didn't get many pictures today on our drive to Coos Bay so I decided to give everyone a glimpse at how I play when I'm up late and Scrabble Queen is asleep (I stay up late and she retires early)

So here we are and all I have are four so-so pictures due to some smoke in the sky ( I always have an excuse whether I need one or not)

The first image is of the moon over Coos Bay at low tide.

Well I thought this one could use a darker sky to emphasize the moon a little and also stepped up the color (see Below). I also added a little "Oil Painting" touch.

This image was badly washed out by the smoke in the sky so.............

I heavily blurred the image and added lots of saturation and a little color shift.

The original here wasn't too bad but I wanted more color so...........

I shifted the color then did a little "Watercolor" trick.

You can really see the smoke in this picture so..............

I monocolored it a grey-blue and inverted the colors as well as adding a slight edge effect.

So now my secret is out I have proven the saying that "idle hands are the devil's workshop" or at least the saying "Give a monkey a typewriter and over time he will write only gibberish and not a great novel"

Scrabble Score The Queen 331 ~ the contender 306 (proving anyone can win at scrabble given enough time) Just kidding !!!

Quote of the Day~
There is an old adage that says, if you give a monkey a typewriter and let it type long enough; it will eventually produce the Encyclopedia Britannica. Well, we've got a pretty smart monkey (your basic industrial engineer), and a really fast typewriter (a multi-gigahertz PC). ~ Thom J. Hodgson is the James T. Ryan Professor & Director of Integrated Manufacturing Systems Engineering Institute

University of Michigan: B.S.E., Science Engineering, 1961; M.B.A., Quantitative Methods, 1965; Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, 1970

Areas of Interest
Scheduling, logistics, production and inventory control; manufacturing systems; and applied and military operations research.

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Anonymous said...

Very good Paul.
The altered colourful pictures look like a slightly surreal landscape.


©Paul Viel