Sunday, January 28, 2007

Middlefield Grand Opening

So it's Grand Opening Day at Middlefield Oaks, Ed's new residence here in Oregon. That's the Community hospital in the background just across the street and very convenient location.

And here is Ed to greet us in the lobby for the big festivities.

I went up to the second floor to take a picture from the walkway just above dining area. Down below is Ed, our neighbor Gail and Scrabble Queen at a table with a local resident who came to check out the facility for her mother.

Being the first resident at Middlefield Oaks Ed is big friends with all the staff especially the Business Manager Tina. She is a wonderfully nice lady with a very infectious smile.

Of course Ed loves the attention.

He also enjoys giving golf tips to anyone who will listen.

We moved outside for a ceremony complete with a Scottish Bagpiper, kilts and hat and all the traditional attire.

The Mayor's Representative was on hand to cut the ribbon with Leila one of the administrators.

Being the first resident Ed was put in the front row and was introduced to the crowd.

He stood for the introduction but refused to sign autographs.

Michelle normally is the Lobby receptionists but today she was driving the bus to bring people parked at the golf course just down the street. It's always nice to visit Ed and be greeted by her smile or Charlene's when I walk in for a visit.

We had a great flag raising ceremony by two young national guard men and again bagpipe music.

It was a solemn affair for the raising and all in attendance we very attentive and respectful of the flag and the young soldiers who raised it.

Now the only connection of this picture and the grand opening is that it was taken on the drive home. It's of what I call Mother Nature's stretch marks. Because of the population growth in the area and the need to maintain roads, black rock is ripped from the hillside and crushed for resurfacing projects.

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