Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Shopping, Dining, and Flowers

We decided to take a drive to town to spend the rest of a very kind gift from a friend - a gift card from Reed & Cross. I decided to take a few pictures for todays blog while there. On the way out of the house I took this picture of one of our front yard Iris's. This yellow jewel was in full bloom and I loved the translucent petal at the top middle of the picture.

So we arrived at the store and quick as a wink Scrabble Queen and aunt Vivian were on their way in.

This is a very special and beautifully run establishment.

They sell Flowers and all kinds of home furnishings and even some very cool clothes.

I really liked this colorful hanging basket outside.

We bought a Deviled Egg Plate that was really nice and I even go the Mandolin Slicer I've always wanted for slicing french fries. Then we had lunch in the Garden Room called "Of Grain and Grape."

The outdoor dining area is set amongst the plant sales area - very cool.

You can sit and eat surrounded by garden plants and supplies. As you can see it's a comfortable setting and the tables are spread out for privacy, like the woman on the phone was our nearest neighbors.

I really liked this window display and even the pig is for sale.

I also like this framed image of a bistro.

Then there were the other flowers out front of Reed & Cross

I loved taking the next few of the cut flower bunches for sale.

THe colors were spactacular...

And the variety was very large.........

I think I have become a strong believer in the beauty all around us when I look closely at flowers and special feeling they give so many people at so many occasions.

No Scrabble

Quote of the Day
Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul. ~ Luther Burbank (1849 - 1926)

Luther Burbank, the famed horticulturist made his home in Santa Rosa, California for more than fifty years. On this garden site and in nearby Sebastopol, Burbank conducted the plant-breeding experiments that brought him world renown. His objective was to improve the quality of plants and thereby increase the world's food supply. In his working career Burbank introduced more than 800 new varieties of plants including over 200 varieties of fruits, many vegetables, nuts and grains, and hundreds of ornamental flowers.

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THe flowers are lovely.. You have caught them perfectly.
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