Sunday, June 11, 2006

A Little Texas in Oregon

Sharyn's aunt Vivian came for a visit and it's been a wonderful surprise. For anyone who knows Vivian knows she defines grace. It got down to 75 degrees so Vivian (being from Texas and 100 degree temperatures of late) bundled up on the back patio with Sharyn's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Sweatshirt and comforter as we sat outside watching the ............

....Sheep and........

....The Hummingbirds.

But that was yesterday and today we took a drive and had a picnic. On the drive along highway 58 (The Willamette Highway) and we stopped for a picture of the dam between Dexter Lake and Lookout Point Lake. I did get a picture of the dam but I liked this image of the stairs going to the railroad tracks from the pull out. That is the dam at the top left of the picture.

We also stopped at Casey's Riverside RV Park to look around for a future camping spot. It looked really nice and we loved the hammock by the river.

A little further down the road near the Westfir Road exit was this Forest Ranger Information center. Scrabble Queen picked up a nice map and a couple of brochures from a nice man and a young lady who had set up an information booth in the parking lot.

I know Doreen loves the little Expresso stands in Eugene so I had to get this picture of McGillicuddy's Sandwiches and Expresso in Oakridge, Oregon (not Tennessee)

We finally arrived at the destination - The Salt Creek Falls park a part of the US Forest Service System as part of the Willamette National Forest.

LOCATION: 23 miles southeast of Oakridge

ACCESS: From Oakridge, proceed east on Hwy 58 for 23 miles to FS road 5893. Follow signs to Salt Creek Falls and the parking lot.

ELEVATION: 4,000 feet

FACILITIES: interpretive kiosk, falls viewing platform, flush toilet, garbage containers, fire rings, NO water, tables

ACTIVITIES: picnicking, hiking, fishing, photography

ACCESSIBLE FACILITIES: All the facilities at Salt Creek Falls Observation Site, with the exception of the trail leading to the base of the falls, are accessible to wheelchair users.

Willamette National Forest

So we started with the picnic - we were all starving I guess. Ed and Vivian loved the beauty of the wooded area.

Of course Scrabble Queen started setting the table as we all watched - she is the industrious one who made sure we all ate well - in anticipation.

We did have some visitors like this Stellar Jay and .....

.....this cute chipmonk

The chipmonk hung around Ed who was fascinated with him and the Jay.

I couldn't resist this picture of a burl growth on a dead tree stump.

So then we got to the Salt Creek Falls.
Salt Creek Falls is a spectacular site and the second highest falls in Oregon. It is the most powerful waterfall in Southern Oregon with an average yearly flow of about 50,000 gallons per minute (enough water to supply all the water needs of a community of about 180,000 people).

There are many views of the falls along the canyon rim, but the best is about half-way down the trail to the base of the falls. It takes about fours seconds for the interior of the water column to fall the 286 feet to the bottom on the falls.

Just spectacular

The continuation of the Salt Creek at the bottom of the falls runs through a truly verdant little valley.

On the cliff near the top of the falls is this wonderful pink rhodendrum.

The spray at the bottom of the falls forms a cool looking rainbow effect in the bright sunlight.

We stopped along the trail along the falls and I took this quick picture of my fellow adventurers.

I also got this last shot of Slat Creek just before it takes the plunge to pool below.

Now I'm not much of a fan of graffiti but one does have to wonder about the much loved petroglyphs New Mexico, Arizona and California and other places. Were the original Native American teens considered destructive for their rock art. Nawwwwww this is just plain vandalism and those were historically important.

No Scrabble

Quote of the Day
"I love the roaring waterfall
within some romantic glen.
Mid desert wilds, remote from all
the gay and busy haunts of men.
For its loud thunders sound to me
like voices from Eternity" ~ Thomas Raffles (1788-1863)

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