Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ed moves and Jill looks at Oregon Ranch

Ed's new residence in Oregon is a lovely room at a local assisted living community. His room was ready for the move-in when Jill and George arrived with theit livestock trailer loaded with is furnishings.

After Ed made a quick inspection and a thumbs up Sharyn, Jill, Andrew, George and Ed started moving things in while I documented everything in pictures.

A few minuted later almost everything was unloaded.

Here is Sharyn and Jill moving a few things down the hall to the room.

As we got closer to finishing I took this picture of a model boat just outside of Ed's room.

Ed's new surroundings are great and very homey and cozy. It's a small facility and only 17 other residents and an absolutly wonderful staff.

I took Jill around the neighborhood of our house to show her a beautiful ranch. It's only a few miles from the house and down a dead end two lane road.

The barn (one of them) was beautifully set in the rolling hills that compose the pastures of the huge ranch.

Jill spotted this nice view of a creek that runs down then through the ranch.

She also spotted this green lichen on a fence post. Great color

What a great pasture for cattle.

The mini-musemobile (Great Honda Engineering) and Jill wondering what it would be like to own this 200+ acre ranch.

No Scrabble

Quote of the Day ~
"Anything important is never left to the vote of the people. We only get to vote on some man; we never get to vote on what he is to do." ~ Will Rogers was first an Indian, a cowboy then a national figure. He now is a legend.

Born in 1879 on a large ranch in the Cherokee Nation near what later would become Oologah, Oklahoma, Will Rogers was taught by a freed slave how to use a lasso as a tool to work Texas Longhorn cattle on the family ranch.

Inside himself, Will Rogers remained a simple Oklahoma cowboy. "I never met a man I didn't like," was his credo of genuine love and respect for humanity and all people everywhere. He gave his own money to disaster victims and raised thousands for the Red Cross and Salvation Army.

It was on a flight to Alaska in 1935 with a daring one-eyed Oklahoma pilot named Wiley Post that their plane crashed and both men lost their lives.

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