Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Drain, Oregon

Drain, Oregon isn't far from home but it is an interesting place we always enjoyed driving through on many of  our trips to the coast. Today while Sharyn ran into the grocery store to get some snacks I took a few pictures like "The Two Fat Ladies Bake Shop" ...
... a couple of pieces of railroad ...
... Equipment ...
... The old historic Charles Hasard  1902 Victorian home that is now a candy store...

... and a really nice looking Coca~Cola distribution truck.

We did find a pretty mural that says "On to Drain" on the covered wagon

I couldn't help but snicker at this building's name reminded me of the saying "Draining the Swamp" but this is a great little town that I am sure has wonderful people working for the city.

Living in Creswell, Oregon I had to get this picture of a memorial to Mike Creswell,

Although the official date of construction of the current Pass Creek Bridge is listed as 1925, members of the Umpqua Historic Preservation Society attest the span was constructed in 1906.

The original bridge at this site was built in the 1870s along the Overland Stage Route, as Drain was an important junction which linked the Willamette Valley and Jacksonville. An 1895-era photograph shows the wagon bridge and adjacent railroad bridge, both being covered. The wooden rail span was replaced soon after.
Old timers recall the Pass Creek Bridge provided excitement when a horse-drawn wagon crashed through the floor around 1920 while hauling supplies for a Thanksgiving turkey shoot. Although the wagon dropped below the decking, the only casualties were the words uttered by the driver, the drowning of turkeys and splashing of supplies into the creek.
I just couldn't believe the beauty of this huge tree.
Finally Oregon always remembers how we got here from back East.

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