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First Friday Art Walk in the Rain - March 2011

When I arrived downtown for the Art Walk the first thing I saw was this huge poster on the West side of the parking structure. Very colorful and creative.

 Looking back toward town I also liked the mixture of color on the buildings across the way to the south east...
 ... and directly down a trio that consisting of a tree trunk, a yellow ire hydrant and a mostly buried boulder.

My first stop was at The Karin Clarke Gallery that was showing the work of LaVern Krause
"LaVerne Krause graduated from the University of Oregon in 1946 and then returned in 1966 to teach art, and by 1972 she was a full professor. Her close friends called her "mercurial" and she was respected by almost everyone as a strong influence on art students and young artists. As a visiting faculty member, she founded the UO printing program and eventually became a permanent faculty member. Krause taught at the University of Oregon for 20 years until she retired in 1986. She continued to be active in the art community until her death in 1987. Even after her death, she is still recognized as a great role model and skillful artist."

This painting called The Wheat Field is a great example of seeing a pallet of color and contours and creating a very serene view of rural America.

 In LaVerne's Painted Desert she expresses the earth tones in contrast with the ethereal blue sky. Such lovely work from an exciting and gentle soul.

 Across the way at The Karin Clarke Annex were two wonderful works from Margaret Coe (Karin's Mother) first was this great painting of a rustic looking port ...

 ... and beautifully  smooth landscape of boats along the shore.

I also got to finally meet Karin's father Mark Clarke a very who painted this beautiful image and many more that can be seen at the gallery. Mark took some time to discuss the technique he uses when painting. It is a very unique style and he is one of Sharyn's favorite artists. Later Mark gave a talk on LaVerne Krause in the main gallery. 

 There there a lot of gallery walkers tonight despite the rain like this gentleman talking with Renee about some of the fine art on display in the Annex.

 I walked over to the Jacobs Gallery in the rain and took a few "wet" shots, this one is of the parking structure where I parked...

 ... and this shot is looking down Willamette from the Hult Center...

 ... and finally I got a picture of the elevator hauling a man up to the top floor
 Back at the Annex of Karin's Gallery this painting caught my eye and I really like the color and style but didn't get the title or name of the artist.

 I always feel more alive at the art walks and I'm not sure if it's the color you bathe in at the galleries, or the people I meet, or the cool night air or maybe it's just that I'm doing something with my photography of just plain doing Something...

 ... I do enjoy the company and coffee after the walk with friend like Ron (center of the picture) ...

 ... and Randy and Renee and Vern who couldn't be here tonight. 

Even when I am walking back to the car and the crowds have cleared, the quiet night feels very sweet.
Quote of the Day
"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in  the rain!" ~ Vivian Greene

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