Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Drive to California

Day #1 of the trip was pretty uneventful with a few glitches. It was raining off and on through Oregon and even a little snow around Weed California.

We did notice a slight problem in Ashland, Oregon when Sharyn tried to make coffee, the generator wouldn't start. We fussed about it just knowing it was going to cost some big bucks. When we arrived at the campground in Redding, California for the night it was still light.

Since I had installed new axillary batteries I looked in the battery compartment under the stairs and with some good reading by Sharyn we decided to clean the battery cables using baking soda in water and a wire brush. Well it worked and only cost us15 minutes and 3 hours of discussion on the way down while driving. A MacGyver moment for sure.

Up we got the next day Thursday April 29, Peter's birthday and after stopping at Walmart for band aids and a few other supplies we stopped at one of our favorite places for lunch Granzella's Italian Deli in Williams, CA. They have great meatball sandwiches.

While Sharyn went in to get the food I took a few pictures like this one of the scenic Quonset hut across the street.

Before I knew it Sharyn was back with the grub.

We stopped tonight at Flag City RV Park a nice RV Resort in Lodi that had thousands of flowers...

...that were lovely to photograph.

We had a very nice neighbor named Bill Freeman who was on his way to Texas to pick up his wife. Bill is a sales associate with Southeast Publications USA. Anyone who has stayed an RV park is familiar with the brochures they hand out with a park map and other information. Well Bill's company is the one that produces those great maps.

I took a few pictures around the RV park like this one of the Cave & Mine tours that go through the Sutter Mine and California Cavern.

The park is fairly empty on this side but the other side of the park was pretty full, however, this side gets Wi-Fi.

Shooting through the window I could see some huge clouds in the distance (Northwest) and some highway traffic on Interstate 5.

I liked the tilt on these trailers on the back of a semi tooling down the road. It was as shorter trip today and tomorrow we make Bakersfield and see Peter.

Scrabble Score - Scrabble Queen 312 ~ The Contender 321

Quote of the Day ~
"... when someone blushes, doesn't that mean yes?" ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry from "The Little Prince"

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