Thursday, April 09, 2009

A Day in the Life of Moi

Hey there is that a squirrel in my birdhouse. First one in six years I better move the bird feeders to the front. I think they are Gail's squirrels and she may be breeding them. I can't complain I think we scared our Moles to her yard with smoke bombs..

The Rhododendrons in our yard are on the verge of exploding like popcorn - can't wait.

The Apple Pear tree is loaded with blossoms ...

... just hope we don't get another severe frost like last year.

The Helleborus is out and looking great...

I like to photograph them a whole bunch.

Even out Lilac is looking great - frost got them also last year.

The Evergreen Clematis is in full bloom and hitting my allergies hard ... but they are worth it.

We took a drive today to a spot where we know Trillium grow wild and in abundance.

I didn't notice the colors in them last year, they were all white.

There is definitely more lavender this year ...

... but still a lot of white.

Lovely flowers.

I like the dead thistles ...

... and the things that grow on trees like ferns and blue fungus.

No Scrabble but we did play night before last

Quote of the Day~
"Good work, Mary. We all knew you had it in you." ~ Dorothy Parker (American short-story Writer, Humorist and Poet, 1893-1967) Telegram to a friend who had just become a mother after a prolonged pregnancy


Michelle said...

wait a minute . . .i thought that squirrel was wearing a red sox hat?!?

Paul said...

That was before the squirrel went back into the house to get his hat


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