Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Elkton Pot Holes II

We decided to escape to Elkton, a small, historic town, overlooking the beautiful Umpqua River and nestled in Oregon's coastal mountains. Pastured valleys and timbered hills surround the city, located at the junction of Highway 38 and 138, just 36 miles from the Pacific Ocean. In addition to renowned trout, salmon, steelhead and shad fishing, Elkton is gaining acclaim as the "Bass Capitol of Oregon"

I didn't see any trout, salmon, steelhead, shad or bass but I saw this great white barn across the river/

Here is a closer view of the cool looking barn.

Sharyn and I walked down to the river where I took two pictures of this rock in the river. Looks pretty ordinary in that shot but ...

... here is a different view where you can see the clarity of the river water.

Then I found a double pot hole that contained some large rocks.

Next I found this rare crescent shaped pot hole...

...and a flowering plant.

The feather was still there so I took another photo of it as well.

My favorite image was this one of a branch and it's under water shadows.

I also liked this skull shaped rock.

There is something surreal about these potholes and very artistic.

This rock in the pot hole reminded me of the goose that laid the golden eggs. I looked around but all I saw were Mallard ducks.

After the shore walk we walked up the hill behind the park to the town of Elkton and on the way I got a shot of the Musemobile and our site. I keep hoping Winnebago will offer to sponsor us to drive all over the country for them but I'm not holding my breath.

Looking the other direction was this great looking home.

There was a mining car/flower pot with some beautiful blooms and some great flowers all around.

We stopped to talk with the owner, a really great guy who let us know most of the flowers mostly dahlias had been cut. I'd love to see this place when they were all still blooming.

Further up the street and to the left was beautiful white church ...

Straight ahead was this white Baptist church.

We walked a block to Arlene's Cafe General Store & Sports Bar (at this time of day the Sports Bar was closed) for some breakfast ands mercantile goods.

Walking back and passing the house we had stopped at I noticed this Tombstone. The homeowner has a sense of humor to match his gift of gab.

From above the park I thought I'd give a plug to the Elkton RV Park and got another shot of the Musemobile. It was a very nice day. We leave tomorrow but I'm sure we will return to this great little RV destination.

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Quote of the Day ~
“These small things -- nutrition, place, climate, recreation, the whole casuistry of selfishness -- are inconceivably more important than everything one has taken to be important so far.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche (German classical Scholar and Philosopher 1844-1900.)

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