Friday, February 22, 2008

Bets Cole invites me to the Art Show - with Addendum

It all started with an invitation from Brooks Hickerson to join an artists group when he sent me the schedule of "paintouts" and the next one was at the EWEB (Eugene Electric & Water Board) building that sits right next to the Willamette river on the edge of downtown Eugene. I have always wanted to get a picture of the Peter DeFazio footbridge and this was the perfect day. I even got a jogger and the moon centered in the "U" at the top of the bridge.

Bets Cole was the first person I saw when I found the gaggle of wild artists hanging out and painting on a beautiful day. Later as I was leaving Bets invited me to her show that was opening at the Maude Kerns Center the following Friday (2/22/2008). I gave her one of my "almost free" business cards from Vista Print and she later send me a postcard invitation via snail mail.

Brooks Hickerson was working at the edge of the river poised at his easel.

My buddy, Renee Manford, is sitting down to work on Plexiglas and would later press two of her works to create monoprints.

I'm still kicking myself for not asking her name but I found it in spite of myself. Cathy is a delightful artist and first person I talked to at the paintout. I saw her again at the Maude Kerns Center show that featured Bets work along with other artists.

So here I am at the Maude Kerns Center watching two ghosts enter the building. The show is called Spirited Journey - Women Artists. The show features work of local artists, Kathleen Caprario, Bets Cole, Annette Gurdjian, Wendy Huhn, and Betsy Wolfston and runs Feb. 22-March 21

I met these two very nice women who were the greeters at the front desk. On the left is Judy and the redhead on the right is her friend Iva May. I did get Judy's email address and when I finish this blog I'm sending her the link. Update I got a really nice note from Judy.

The first person I saw was Bets looking very happy and with good cause. He work looked great and I just loved the picture behind her called "A Walk in the Woods."

I wandered around while listening to some great classical guitar.

They even had a nice hospitality center with a good selection of things to eat and drink and, as you can see, a great crowd.

I really liked the art of Kathleen Caprario which was very simple and yet complex in depth and color.

These two paintings are more of Kathleen's works that were on display.

Meanwhile Bets was busy talking with her hands and showing her works.

My absolute favorite painting of Bets' is this home on the Pacific Coast.

The artist here is Betsy Wolfston who also has some smaller pieces in another part of the gallery.

This was another piece by Betsy both I pictured here would be great assets in any art collection.

Then there is Bets again talking with her hands. She is a wonderfully animated person and a joy to talk with especially about her art. The young people partially obscured in the picture are two Lane Community College students that work with my son at the LCC Torch (student newspaper). The young man with the hat is Curtis McCain the Photo Editor of the newspaper and the young woman is Nicole Perkins the Arts Editor of the LCC Torch.

Another view of Kathleen Caprario's fine art and a young person who seems to almost be part of the painting.

It was a very nicely attended opening and I got several pieces of literature while there and expect to go back and see where my photography might fit in.

So it was a full house and everyone looked like they were enjoying the show.

And so I left and couldn't help look back to see if the ghosts were also leaving.

ADDENDUM: I missed getting pictures in another part of the gallery but not because I didn't try they just were too blurry due to the light and my lack of a working flash. So I went back to the Maude Kerns Art Center for some retakes.

The art of Annette Gurdjian was marvelously full of bold colors

Like this image titled "Man with Two Canes" and ...

"Woman Giving Sidelong Glance" both are very creative in the use of color, imagination, impression and expression.

The other artist I missed was Wendy Huhn whose Imaginative wall hangings (I hope that's the correct term) were like reading books of symbolic prose.

Some were brightly colored with much contrast

Others were more subtle

Then there was this one that was devilishly a mixture of modern and "evil" symbols that draws you into a conversation with the art. Personally I really enjoyed my visit back to Maude Kerns Art Center for the chance to spend more time with Wendy's work without a crowd around.

I also was able to take a closer look at another room in the back near the staff offices.

This was one of a pair of images by Betsy Wolfston

This was a collection of "House Blessings" by Betsy and ...

This was a wonderful painting titles "Breaking Barriers" by Betsy Wolfston

I even missed this great image by Bets Cole in that room.

The real treat was getting to meet and have a very nice talk with the staff at the center. Karen Pavelec, the Executive Director, Marsha Shankman, the Publicity Coordinator and Kelly McCormick the Administrative Assistant.

It's really interesting how my mind works *don't laugh too hard* but Karen's last name starts with my initials, my goddaughter in named Kelly and Marsha and I both turned up here after living in Houston, Texas. Well during the conversation I found out Marsha was an artist and I got to see a work she had in the office.

This wonderful work is Marsha's (the small blue square near the bottom left corner is a reflection from a computer screen) life drawing she did. I have to say they were as terrific a group of people as I've ever met.

So before I left I took a picture of a rose on one of the desks to preserve it for them.

Thank you Bets for the kind invitation.

Scrabble Score ~ Scrabble Queen 312 - the Contender 322 Yippee!

Quote of the Day -
"Most women paint as though they are trimming hats. Not you." ~ Edouard Degas to Mary Cassatt

Mary Stevenson Cassatt - (May 22, 1844 – June 14, 1926) was an American painter and printmaker She lived much of her adult life in France, where she first befriended Edgar Degas and later exhibited among the Impressionists. Cassatt often created images of the social and private lives of women, with particular emphasis on the intimate bonds between mothers and children


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful outline of the show. Regretfully I was not able to make it, however your pictures made it possible to sense the flavor of the evening and to get a smattering of the art presented.

Renee Manford

Anonymous said...

I liked your rundown of the show. However, you missed one whole room that had the works of two of the best artists in the show (Huhn & Gurdjian). It would have been nice to see some of that as well instead of repeat photos of the main room with Cole & Caprario's work.

Paul said...

I took some pictures in that room to the right but none came out well. I do plan on going back with a tripod to try and show those works as well. The wall hangings were marvelous and I loved the colors and style. I'll be back by before the show closes to get those. Thank you for the comment it is appreciated. ~ Paul


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