Thursday, August 23, 2007

Joe & Joline - wonderful friends in more ways than one

Ken Kesey was reading on the square in Eugene and Joe & Jo decided to listen.

Ken Kesey lived in Oregon (off and on) and wrote some great things

One of my favorite Kesey stories was "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"

The square where this memorial resides is colorful and very special.

We dropped into the Saturday market and just had to get the J's a tie dye shirt.

Of course this is Eugene Oregon so I glanced at the Cro-Magnon Croquet set

The ladies chatted over lunch and in front of the Honey Buckets.

Meanwhile Wayne Morse presided over "Free Speech Square" in front of the courthouse across from the market.

Finally before we left the market we saw Willie Nelson (not really) walking down the street.

Next we visited Supperputter where Jo (his first cousin) went through some old family pictures.

I think this was the most animated and attentive I've seen Superputter since he made the hole-in-one on my birthday last year.

We all had a great lunch with J&J&E you can tell from the smiles.

Finally it was time to go and the cousins hugged goodbye for now.

We saw on the map a some waterfalls up the road from Cottage Grove and went to see them. Scrabble Queen was all excited about this place because we had not been there before.

After a perilous trek down a muddy, steep, slippery trail we arrived at the falls.

They were all of 20 inches high but they were nice and Joe mentioned they were not "Tall Fall snobs" (great poetic play on words) and enjoyed the the adventure.

Next we played the "Sideways" game Oregon style and hit the tasting bar at King Estates.

They were also having a garlic festival in the great Oregon weather.

The festival was just down the hill but still on the King Estate Property.

I thought this Iron Eagle was great.

Of course I had to get a flower this one is a fuchsia

Scrabble Score - I'm not sure of the score but The Contender beat Scrabble Queen by five points.

Quote of the Day
"There must be amidst all the confusions of the hour a tried and undisturbed remnant of persons who will not become purveyors of coercion and violence, who are ready to stand alone, if it is necessary, for the way of peace and love among men." ~Rufus Jones 1940


Anonymous said...

Great blog Paul.
I have some of them Fushias behind my castle...

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul
Those are my parents and I really enjoyed seeing them in these photos. Thanks!
PS-Great photos (parents or not)


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