Thursday, June 14, 2007

Wednesday Market in Portland

Wednesday it was time for a mini-trip up to Portland and the Wednesday Market in downtown

We got lucky and found a parking spot on the street across from the market. Yup that's the Mini-Musemobile across the street.

This is how far we were from some great veggies, so off we went.

Crossing the street I was almost run over by a 6'8" tall girl on a bike so I took this picture. That's the Roosevelt Hotel across the street - remember that name.

The first spot we came upon were the cut flowers. I really like these blue ...

...and hot pink flowers.

Then there were stacks and stacks of veggies

and sweet stuff like Macaroons and Snicker Doodles etc.

The location for the market is on a greenbelt park right in the middle of town and the park goes on for several blocks. All these children together looks like a field trip or one huge family.

They had a few food stands at the market so people were sitting around eating in some rather unusual places.

Well the children crossed the street safely and I couldn't help but take this picture of the caped crusader it so much reminded me of Video Guy and Mattme. Mattme loved wearing a cape and Video Guy with the blond hair. The little one in the orange shirt, as a matter of fact, also reminds me my little Art Boy. All are now fine men.

Loved the mushroom and got a bag of these great Morels.

And then there were more veggies including Arugula which always makes me laugh thinking of the movie "My Blue Heaven" with Steve Martin.

Most people dressed casual for the market but this man was there in a suit, tie and hat. Scrabble Queen still wonders when and why men stopped wearing hats and went to caps or nothing at all on their heads.

One more look down through the market.

... and a look down the street on the North border of the park.

The streets in Portland are definitely colorful.

They even had a tart stand - the sweet tasting kind of tart (I'm not calling the two redheads and the blond tarts)

I really liked the look of the Fennel display. It looked like a little tree standing against a huge tree.

So then there were more flowers. This pink and yellow lily was great ....

.... and this orangish red was spectacular...

and this pink delicate flower was eye candy as it's best.

The food was great at this tamale stand called "Salvador Molly's. No fooling they were the best tamales I've ever had. Scrabble queen got the chicken tamale and I got a vegetarian made with an artichoke stuffing"

Remember the hotel and the tall bike rider - yup Roosevelt and here he is Teddy R on a horse in the park.

Like any cutting edge city like Portland there is cutting edge art - this is an example of bleeding edge art and it's rather cool.

There is also some traditional art like this statue of Abe Lincoln.

So OK time for my unusual shot of the day. I loved these wrought iron balconies along the side of this building.

I just loved the sign with a paraphrase from Joni Mitchel's "Big Yellow Taxi"

So we are on our way home leaving wonderful downtown Portland. Traffic wasn't bad at all for Wednesday at about 2:00 pm

I got to ride a bit on the way home and took this out of the window at 65mph. I love the openness of this countryside in Oregon.

Scrabble Score - The Scrabble Queen beat me again 324 to 302

Quote of the day
"They paved paradise
And put up a parking lot
With a pink hotel, a boutique
And a swinging hot spot
Don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you've got
Till its gone
They paved paradise
And put up a parking lot" ~ Jon Mitchell from "Big Yellow Taxi"

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I love the picutres, what a colourful place!


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