Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sweet Tomatoes on a Rainy Day

One of Scrabble Queen's favorite places to eat when we lived in San Diego was a Soup & Salad place called Soup Plantation. A couple of years ago we discovered that the same place in Oregon was going under the name of Sweet Tomatoes. So on Saturday, in the rain we drove to Portland for lunch.

It was cool with off and on rain for the 120 mile drive but as we were nearing Portland we did get a good look at Mount Hood.

The eatery was in an office park and we parked next to an Umpqua Bank building with an interesting design.

Then into Sweet Tomatoes on an empty stomach - a good thing since it is an "all you can eat" experience.

When you enter you first go through the long salad bar with all sorts of greens and toppings and pay at the far end.

It's not just salads and soup among the other thing are a bars for soup, breads, desserts and this one for a variety of hot pasta dishes.

Well I'm not showing us eating but needless to say we had our fill. Above the exit they had a cute display of "killer tomatoes."

That movie (Attack of the Killer Tomatoes) was shot in San Diego in 1978 for $100,000. One of the writers was Rick Rockwell who you may remember from "Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire on the Fox network.

There was also a nice Rustica Farm Image painted on the entrance/exit wall.

It was again dark and a little foreboding on the drive back with both high and low ground-hugging clouds and more rain. In the dim light this truck looks a little evil like the movie "Maximum Overdrive" written by Stephen King and starring Emilio Estevez. Side note - the movie also had a new actress in her first very minor roll named Marla Maples. You may remember was later married to Donald Trump. She is also the cousin of Heather Locklear. Oh I'm kind of off the topic but it is interesting.

I wish I could capture on my camera the true beauty of what I shot here it was an amazing mixture of light and dark, soft and sharp, with hints of color impossible for me to photograph at 65 mph on a rain slick highway. *Smile* we did get home safely.

Scrabble Score ! Scrabble Queen one Gazillion - the challenger one gazillion -10

Quote of the Day
From "The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes"

The President:
Take air force one.

Jim Richardson: Sir, Air Force one is broken

The President: Broken?

Jim Richardson: Yes sir.

The President: The whole plane?

Jim Richardson: In a sense sir, you remember where the Washington monument used to be?


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I love them killer tomatoes!!

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Good morning!
I come from Indonesia and I interest with your picture about Lenten Rose. Is there Lenten Rose in Indonesia?


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