Tuesday, December 12, 2006

King Estate and Fondue

It was a rainy day off and on but we braved the coolish and damp weather for a drive to the King Estate Winery in the Lorane Valley. The road to take is the Territorial highway, which runs parallel and west of to interstate 5. The King estate is very much like what a drive in Tuscany looks like in my mind.

Sir Coupe, Aunt Vivacious and Scrabble Queen stopped near the Estate entrance to let me take a picture.

So I took two pictures the first to get more of the building in the picture, then this one to get our subjects a little closer.

They had decorated the wine tasting and lunch area tastefully and with plenty of color. Notice the over-exposed ceiling light.

This is a little closer to the Mars looking shade. Okay, so this is my weird picture of the day.

We ordered some Oregonzola Fondue made with Melted Rogue Creamery Oregonzola cheese served warm, scattered with toasted walnuts and served with King Estate apple, pear and bread dippers. What a wonderful way to start a meal. Aunt Vivacious had a Pinot Noir and Sir Coupe had a Pinot Gris with the Fondue.

They also served warm breads like this black olive bread with olive oil and Balsamic Vinegar also great. We each had different luncheon meals. It was a very easy and comfortable lunch.

We had plenty of time to take in the ambiance and just relax.

Our server was extremely helpful and was able to server us perfectly without hovering or making us feel rushed. A nice young lady - Thank you for giving us a moment for this picture.

Outside the vineyard was beautiful covering the rolling hills of the estate.

A brief moment of sunshine was welcomed for this picture.

It was equally bright for this picture as well.

The side patio of the estate doubles as a nice outdoor eatery in the summer and from the looks of this fountain I suspect wine occasionally flows like water.

I liked the looks of this dormant vine on the stuccoed wall.

I really like the look of this reddish door, brown barrels and blue metal bands against the tan wall of the estate.

I also liked this door with the bench partially blocking entry.

It was an "old world" look in the Oregon hills.

Looking down the vineyard rows.

During the summer the King Estate hosts a farmer's Market at the building just beyond the vineyard.

One last view from another angle at this wonderful place. We all had a very good time.

Quote of the Day
"Wine is the healthiest and most health-giving of drinks."
--Louis Pasteur


Anonymous said...

The pictures are colourful and lovely.

Anonymous said...

The pictures at the end are especially stunning, i love the vines and the door. King's Estate pictures will make my parents nostalgic for their visit. i hope you're enjoying your holiday season, hope the new year will bring us an opportunity to visit. love and miss you much - Michelle

Paul said...

Thank you Michelle andfor the sweet Christmas Card....

iamflyingblind said...

Have an idea for a calendar for you. call me.

littler sis


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