Saturday, September 23, 2006

Eugene Fly Fest

Today we took the mini-musemobile and "Big" Ed to the Eugene Fly Fest, The first plane was an old Canadian RCAF, bright yellow-orange fighter. As you can see the day was beautiful.

This is an emergency rescue helicopter that was on display.

I'm not sure what this Air Force plane was but it was definetly not an F-16.

Scrabble Queen and Ed talked to this young man about a flying lesson. He flies out of Hobby Airport in Creswell. It was pretty crowded at times and sometimes people walked in front of the camera. Her pants reminded me of the 70's wild colors and patterns so I left this picture in the blog.

Two of the snazzy experimentals put together by avid flying enthusiasts.

I liked this open cockpit plane that sat several people one behind the other.

This was my favorite experimental home grown plane.

I hate that I missed this bi-plane in a clear shot it was beautifully painted and had many very nice touches like the wooden propeller.

This was the crowd pleaser of the show an Idaho Coast Guard plane - again it was another open cockpit - very nice.

Cool shot od the one jet I saw there with wings folded.

Click on this picture for the larger version. The writing above the words "Sting Sport" tells about the Ballistic Chute in the rear of this plane that floats this baby down to earth in an emergency.

Well this and other experimental planes carry a Passenger Warning ~ "amateur built and does not comply with Federal Safety Regulations for Standard Aircraft."

This was a cool blue plane capable of landing on water.

They also has some nive Motor Coaches like this one on sale for just under $700,000. It was nice but we do live our Musemobile.

In the middle of all the hug motor homes was this excellently preserved Studebaker Lark.

I liked this picture's composition with both doors up in a gull-wing configuraton

As we were leaving the Reach helicopter in my second picture was called out for a rescue and taxied out to the runway and away from the crowd.

... and off it went.

Going out of the parking lot I spotted this hot rod and took a quick picture.

On the way back to Ed's place we spotted these two folks. Eugene is a place where hippies and roamers still exist. They were at a bust street corner. The woman was asleep (I hope still breathing) on the sidewalk and the guy was eating. I will have to one day stop and get the story on the circumstance of the street corner people prevlent in Eugene and Downtown Portland.

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