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Lake Almanor, Lassen and Trash a View + Matt's Side Trip

Lake Almanor is a beautiful spot hidden east of Red Bluff near Mount Lassen. It's a huge lake and one of the most under-rated lakes in California. All around the lake are posters opposing the "Thermal Curtain" so I looked into what it really is and here is what I found:
A diverse coalition of Northern California residents and the Almanor Fishing Association is taking on the role of environmental protector by opposing a proposal to withdraw huge quantities of cold water from 90-year old Lake Almanor. Serious damage to the environment and fishery at Lake Almanor and the nearby Butt Valley Reservoir will occur. Both these lakes have developed reputations for trophy Rainbow Trout and German Brown.

In the case of Butt Valley Reservoir, trophy trout there feed on the pond smelt that pass through the Prattville intake tunnel. The thermal curtain would severely reduce the pond smelt and have a negative impact on trout food supply in the reservoir. Also, PG&E intends to install two thermal curtains to hold the cold water pumped from Lake Almanor which could possibly damage not only the fishery but the very important insect hatches and lake environment.

At Lake Almanor, the removal of cold water – up to 50% during the summer months according to PG&E – would push the “thermocline” (where trout favor the temperature) down about 10 feet, forcing the salmonids (trout & salmon) into an area nearer the bottom where the dissolved oxygen is inadequate. Currently, when the lake temperatures increase, the fish migrate to the colder springs and into the rivers flowing into the lake at the north and northwest ends of the lake. The studies
done in June reported that even now dead salmonids are seen near springs, leading to concerns that the area is already insufficient to support the fish migrating to seek colder water during summer. The lakes’ famous and very important “hex
hatch” could be compromised.
It sounds like a pretty bad idea and as I once read the best thing for the environment is to leave it alone.

The sun was setting over the lake and from our campsite the view was terrific.

Later as the moon came up the glow over the lake as pretty cool.

The next day some people were up early enjoying the lake.

The colors and clear water and surrounding mountains were spactacular.

Along the shore this lone pine appears to be preparing for a swim in the cool lake on this hot day.

While this turquois dragonfly settled in on the green leaves on the shore.

Like I said the water was crystal clear in this high mountain lake altitude 4,500 feet.

We met a nice couple from Sabastopol near Santa Rosa who were camping in this wonderful vintage trailer with Lola their dog.

Matt thought he was sneaking in a picture of me as I shot him and Diana at the campsite.

We left the campground at about 10 am to drive to Redding while Matt, Diana and the girls took off for the peak of Mount Lassen.

Of course there were the usual early summer road construction delays, this is one on Highway 36.

While we didn't drive to Mount Lassen we did drive close by the peak.

We found this heard of "California Happy Cows" in a high mountain meadow at about 6,000 feet.

We started the descent into Redding and Interstate 5 and stopped off at a Vista Point, one of those pull-outs with a view. Unfortunately some people think "Vista" means dump your trash here. How sad it is people can't wait a few minutes to dump trash properly.

The view was nice though and I got one last look at Mount Lassen, where Matt was at the time with the mini-musemobile.

My weird shot of the day was this railing at the view point.

It's been too long since the musemobile posed for a picture so I snapped this shot.

Finally I took a picture of a row of rocks at the vista point.

Matt's Pictures and side trip

Matt, Diana and the girls started the day as we did at Lake Amanor where Matt took this picture.

... and this one of me taking a picture of him.

They took a different route than we did and soon came upon this thermal vent.

...and some closer views of Mount Lassen

Diana became the photographer in this one of Matt and the girls.

I was glad Matt got some wonderful views of sights we missed.

On they went into the snow,,,,,,,,,

...and a snowball fight.

Matt found this snow cave.....

...and went partially inside to get this shot.

Never skate on thin ice - this was a lake partially frozen.

I really liked the balanced boulder in this shot.

Then they hit deep snow.

Sierra then Ansley started up the hill.

Talk about your snow angels, Ansley is definetly one but not in the familar pose.

I think Sierra was skiing with her tennis shoes.

Diana finally took this great picture of the motley crew.

Quote of the Day ~
I don't need a man to rectify my existence. The most profound relationship we'll ever have is the one with ourselves. ~Shirley MacLaine

She was born in Richmond, Virginia to an American father of English descent and a Canadian mother of Irish and Scottish ancestry.

Shirley MacLean Beaty April 24, 1934) is an Academy Award-winning American actress well-known not only for her acting, but for her devotion to her belief in reincarnation. She is also the writer of a large number of autobiographical works, many dealing with her new age beliefs, such as solipsism, as well as her Hollywood career. She is the older sister of Warren Beatty (Beatty changed his name from Beaty to Beatty).

Academy Awards and Nominations

* 1984 - Won Best Actress in a Leading Role - Terms of Endearment
* 1978 - Nominated Best Actress in a Leading Role - The Turning Point
* 1976 - Nominated Best Documentary, Features - The Other Half of the Sky: A China Memoir
* 1964 - Nominated Best Actress in a Leading Role - Irma la Douce
* 1961 - Nominated Best Actress in a Leading Role - The Apartment
* 1959 - Nominated Best Actress in a Leading Role - Some Came Running

She was named after Shirley Temple.

MacLaine was married to businessman Steve Parker until 1982. They had a daughter, Sachi Parker (b. 1956).

In political circles, MacLaine is known for her former relationship with Andrew Peacock, a former Australian Liberal Party Prime Ministerial asiprant who was later appointed as Ambassador to the United States. She also has a close friendship with Ohio congressman, Dennis Kucinich, who was a candidate in the 2004 Democratic presidential primary.

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