Wednesday, February 08, 2006

El Norte Car Wash - The Vinyards Driving Range

Well we are leaving tomorrow for Oregon with only short travel stops on the way back. The Mini Musemobile needed it's monthly Car Wash. This time it was the El Norte car wash at the corner of Seven Oaks and El Norte Parkway in Escondido just to the east of Interstate 15.

They have a nice area to wait because this car wash is very detailed and through when they do a wash. My wash took about 20 minutes and included a vacuum, wheel treatment, tri color wax and interior cleaning of all surfaces and windows. All for only $15 and a cash rebate of 15 cents a gallon on the fillup for a per gallon cost of $2.30, a bargain in the San Diego area. The older gentleman looked a lot like Ed and the woman talked on her cell phone the entire 20 minutes I was there. Well heck, cell phones are a Southern California requirement for being a resident. If you get caught driving a car with California plates and you don't have a cell phone attached to your body the fine is $300.

This car wash even had a fountain of Trevi knock-0ff (made in Tijuana) in the customer waiting area. Just kidding the fountain of Trevi is too risque to show on a family web site - just kidding again but it is human figures and is a beautiful sight. Look it up on google images it's worth a glimpse.

The cover of the gasoline pump area is very stylized and I especially liked the screens above the pillars (I'm sure to keep the birds out)

Also from the customer are I got a picture of a driveway with a long white wall. I have no idea why I took this picture, but I did.

So today I took Ed out to hit a bucket of balls at the Vinyards driving range. It's the third time we did the golfing thing and Ed was striking the ball really well today and with much more confidence than the last two times.

As you can see he was really concentrating on keeping his head down and looking at the ball on impact.

It's a good thing none of the long hitters were out today because there was a guy at the other end of the driving range. It's probably good he wasn't a long driver either because we never got hit.

I managed to get a picture of the point of impact on one of Ed's shots. I used a timed exposure to capture the movement. This was a perfect shot because you can see the ball clearly when it was hit and the blur of both the ball and club as Ed swung through. I had a good time and will miss taking Ed out to golf. Maybe if I'm lucky he can come to Oregon for awhile soon.

Scrabble Score - from yesterday since there wasn't a blog and especially because the score was:
Scrabble Queen 299 - The contender 303

Quote of the Day
"You gave me my first glimpse of a real life, and at the same moment you asked me to go on with a sham one. It'’s beyond human enduring —that’s all." Edith Wharton from the "Age of Innocence" (it was on TV last night)

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